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A purchasing system applied on electronics // GP // Dr. Emad Elwy // T.A. Hend Osama (2018) - Giza MSA 2018 - 119 P. 30 CM. - MANAGEMENT DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2018 .

Management-Management Information Systems

This project talks about the purchasing system in details. How it works, how
the purchasing system affects the business and can enhance the
performance and can decrease the productivity as well. At first, the
introduction gives basic information about the purchasing system. Then the
table of definition explains the abbreviations and what they stand for, then
identifying the expected outcomes of this system. Chapter two is composed
of the literature review. The first part of it talks about what purchasing is,
the purchasing cycle, Internal perspective of purchasing cycle ,Core
competencies of purchasing ,The purchasing process, Traditional approach
to purchasing and its limitation ,Functions of purchasing ,Types of contract
,Purchase requisition vs. purchase order ,What is a purchase requisition?
What is a purchase order? Why are purchase requisitions and purchase
orders important? A comprehensive list of objectives for purchasing,
Purchasing risk analysis, Market Structure, Supply Strategy, Importance of
purchasing, The Purchasing department, Supplier Selection Criteria,
Supplier Appraisal/Evaluation, Purchasing Contract and last but not least the
references. This project is about creating a purchasing system applied on
electronics industry. The mechanism of the system starts when the
employee identifies the needed items for the company or requirements,
generating a requisition which includes a specification for the requirement.
The employee sends an email to the manager to review the purchase
requisition. First he checks the inventory and upon it he approves or rejects
the purchase requisition. If the purchase requisition is approved, the
manager reviews the request for quotation (RFQ) of the supplying system.
Selecting the best offer based on specified criteria such as price, availability,
and quality. The manager checks the supplier’s rating to decide which
supplier is suitable and before he makes the final decision of choosing the
supplier he checks the supplier’s bank reference sent by the supplier’s bank.
Since, the manager chose the supplier; the purchasing team review the
approval from the manager to create the purchase order. After the
purchasing team creates the purchase order, the purchasing team sends
email to the supplying system. هذا المشروع يتحدث عن نظام مشتريات مطبق علي صناعة الالكترونيات.هذا النظام يبدا حيث يحدد الموظف المنتجات
المطلوبة للشركة او المتطلبات.ثم يقوم الموظف بانشاء طلب شراء الذي يحتوي علي موصفات الطلب. ثم يرسل الموظف
بريد الكتروني الي المدير ليلقي نظرة علي طلب الشراء.في البداية يتفحص مخزون المنتجات و علي حسب حالة المخزون
يقبل او يرفض طلب الشراء.اذا اتقبل طلب الشراء يقوم المدير بعد ذلك بتفحص الاسعارعن طريق نظام التوريد.ثم يقوم
باختيار افضل عرض اعتمادا علي معاير محددة مثل السعر ,الوفرة و الجودة. يقوم المدير بتفحص تقييم المورد لكي يحدد
المورد المناسب و قبل ان ياخذ القرار النهائي يقوم ايضا بتفحص مرجع البنك للمورد الذي يقوم بارساله البنك التابع المورد
له.عندما يختار المدير المورد يقوم فريق المشتريات بتفحص الموافقة و يقوم بعمل امر شراء.عندما يجهز امر الشراء يقوم
فريق المشتريات بارسال امر الشراء الي نظام التوريد عن طريق بريد الكتروني

Management--purchasing system--Management Information Systems