Nour El Nakoury. 145303

1…2…3 \\ GP \\ DR. Noha Samir ( Fall 2017 ) - Giza: MSA, 2017. - Video Material. - MASS COMMUNICATION DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2017 .

An experimental feature documentary depicting the mystery of obsessive compulsive disorder patient. The documentary focuses on the self-perspective angle, with an attempt to visualize what would be inside the patient's own mind how they see themselves, and everything else around them.
Through a high order set of visuals, light and image control the director successfully sets the desired atmosphere capturing both the informative and emotional sides of the topic. فيلم وثائقى تجريبى يعنى بمشكله الوسواس القهرى من ناحيه المرض عن طريق عرض منظوره ، ولا يكتفى المخرج باستعراض الحاله عن طريق الحوارات التفيزيونيه فقط بل يعمل على استعمال مختلف الأدوات البصريه و ترجمه ما فى داخل منظور المريض الى