Hedy Shalaby. 152889

Grand Mothers \\ GP \\ DR. Khaled Gamal ( Spring 2018 ) الجدات - Giza: MSA, 2018. - Video Material. - MASS COMMUNICATION DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2018 .

A documentary that features various profiles of grandmothers taking viewers on a trip back to the golden times, reaching to their today's lives. The documentary capitalizes on the humanitarian visualization of its super stars and how they lead different shapes of lifestyles each setting her own example of success. فيلم وثائقى يسلط الضوء على بعض النماذج من الجدات الاتى يتطرقن لطفولتهن و يستعرضن محتلف مشاكل حياتهن الحاليه التى تمتلئ بالمشاعر و الاحلام لتكون كل منهم قصه نجاح فى حد ذاتها