Yomna Ayman Khalifa. 145229

Siwa Science Oasis \\ GP \\ ( Spring 2018 ) - Giza: MSA, 2018. - 2 Posters. - ENGINEERING DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2018 .

Siwa, the oasis that once served as a resting spot for travellers, now is a place that
combines what remains of a unique history and culture with its extraordinary landscapes and
its own distinctive features.
Therefore, intensive research studies were conducted on Siwa’s culture, urban
development, architectural identity & the issues and threats that now the oasis is facing due
to its lack of knowledge and governmental ignorance.
According to this, my graduation project, Siwa science oasis, is an ultimate project that
would give a full depicted image of all the potentials of Siwa that need to be preserved and
aware of through a research centre fused with an observatory and a simulation center as a
sort of touristic catalyst. The project will focus mainly on scientific research while improving
the economy and improving the quality of life of the Siwan population as a whole.
The project aims to become a landmark of the Siwan identity and invite both local and
international visitors to explore the vibrant nature of the Oasis. All would definitely contribute
to the sustainable tourism and economic growth of Siwa.

Architectural Engineering .