Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim 153399

Real estate management system // GP // Dr. Adel Ghannam // T.A. Eman Osama // T.A. Sara Osama (2018 - 2019) - Giza : MSA, 2018 - 86 P. - MANAGEMENT DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2018 .

My Project is about real estate management system, to make it easier to the customer to find the
real-estate he/she wants through this system and search for it easily, that when we use the
technology to provide the real-estate services that will increase the customer satisfaction and will
be more helpful. Moreover the project that the customer can create a requirement account and
put his needs with the categories of the real-estate that he/she wants to help in the search, also
they can search with the price, place, and type. Also with this account the customer can put
information about the land or the property he/she will sell or rent and the number and start the
customer to customer business. And that will be more helpful for the customer to get what he/she
wants. The system will have a database of the decoration engineers that can search for them to
get the nearest and most good one for the customer, and that will be helpful for the customer to
make the decoration of his/her house. And if the customer needs to go direct to the real-estate
companies with the updates offers and prices he/she can search for the companies and get all the
prices and the newest offers.
In my project, I used the object-oriented method to apply this opportunity by creating use case
model, class model, sequence model and activity model. The use case model represents the
actors that will use the system and services (which are defined requirements in the scope) they
will use. The class model is a simulation of the reality when the user is performing the
operations, which are services in the use case. The classes can be defined as components which
collaborate with each other to make the operations in each class. Sequence model describes the
interactions between classes in terms of an exchange of messages and replies. It's a good way to
visualize the scenarios that can help in discovering the responsibilities a class may need to have
in the process of modeling a new system. The last model is the activity model which shows the
flow and the sequence of activities that users will perform in the system. This diagram will help
the programmer in understanding the flow of processes and it will become easier to implement
and develop the system.

Real Estate--management system,