Construction ecology :

Sendzimir, Jan

Construction ecology : nature as the basis for green buildings / edited by Charles J. Kibert, Jan Sendzimir, and G. Bradley Guy - 1st ed - xxiv, 305 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index

Defining an ecology of construction / Charles J. Kibert, Jan Sendzimir and G. Bradley Guy -- Material circulation, energy hierarchy, and building construction / Howard T. Odum -- On complexity theory, exergy, and industrial ecology / James J. Kay -- Applying the principles of ecological emergence to building design and construction / Timothy F.H. Allen -- Using ecological dynamics to move toward an adaptive architecture / Garry Peterson -- Minimizing waste emissions from the built environment / Robert U. Ayres -- Industrial ecology and the built environment / Iddo K. Wernick --Construction ecology and metabolism / Stefan Bringezu -- Construction ecology / Fritz Balkau -- Ecologic analogues and architecture / Sim van der Ryn and Rob Pe©ła -- Natural metabolism as the basis for "intelligent" architecture / J©ơrgen Bisch -- Green architecture / Malcolm Wells

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Building materials--Environmental aspects
Sustainable buildings--Design and construction
Architecture and society
Construction industry--Appropriate technology

TH146 / .C65 2002