Dai Mohamed Sameh El Mokadem 163487

A Social Marketing campaign among Egyptians concerning Water conservation Issues MCOM471a \\ GP \\ DR. Lamees EL Baghdady ( Spring 2019 ) - Giza: MSA, 2019. - 120 p. - MASS COMMUNICATION DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2019 .

After the first part of the graduation project, which was the theoretical section that included the primary
and secondary research, that contained several interviews and surveys with the Egyptians concerning
the water issue, asking them if they are aware of the problem or not. It was concluded that Egyptians
are aware that water in Egypt is not endless however they were unaware of the water crisis that is about
to happen in Egypt in 2025. Moreover, the results also concluded that Egyptians are actually willing to
save water but the problem is that they don’t know how. Therefore, it has been concluded that a
campaign will be established under the name of BEAT-2025 with a certain objective which is to impose
a new behavior among Egyptians concerning water conservation issues, through imposing different
simple tips in order to try to eliminate this crisis from happening, through mainly focusing on social
classes B and C in Cairo. This will be done through an IMC campaign where different elements will be
applied in order to reach the objective of the campaign in the set period time.

Water issues campaign