Yaman Momtaz 151997

Esthetic Rehabilitation // GP // Dr. AHMED WAGDY // Dr. AYA GHONEIM ( 2018 - 2019 ) - Giza MSA 2019 - 15 P. - DENTISTRY DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2019 .

23 years old patient has suffered from bad esthetics and psychological insecurity
about her smile due to enamel hypoplasia, she was going to get married in a matter
of weeks from the start of our project. We managed to get her smile and confidence
to the highest level in time and we delivered before her wedding day leaving her
highly satisfied and confident.
To achieve that we had to do a series of treatment for her inflamed gingiva by
scaling and polishing then as a part of our smile design we decided to do a simple
gingivectomy procedure before preparing her teeth and delivering the final smile
with e-max crown and veneers

Dental Implant