Nada Ahmed Ibrahim 153353

Restoring aesthetics for a generalized rampant caries case \\ GP \\ Dr. ALI ABDEL NABI \\ Dr. AMR KHALED \\ Dr. SHOROUK HESHAM \\ Dr. MENNA ELSELEHDAR \\ Dr. AHMED MOHSEN \\ Dr. TAREK NOUR ( 2018-2019 ) - Giza: MSA, 2019. - 8 P. ; 26 CM. - DENTISTRY DISTINGUISHED PROJECTS 2019 .

A 26 year old patient presented with multiple class III caries (proximal surfaces of upper
anteriors not including the incisal edges), multiple class V caries in all upper anterior
teeth and 1st premolars bilaterally and lower canines and premolars bilaterally as well as
lower left 6, multiple class I cavities in lower right 7,8, upper right 4,5, upper left 4, with
external stains due to drinking lots of coffee and internal stains due to enamel hypo-
calcification, occlusal wear in upper right canine and 1st premolar, missing lower right 6,
missing upper left 5 with closure of the space due to tilting of upper left 4 and upper left
6, patient was also presented with slight open bite and upon radiographic examination we
found exposed lower left 5, 6, and upper right 6 and 8.

Rampant caries cases