Judging poetry /

Nathan, Norman.

Judging poetry / - 1st ed. - New York : Putnam, [1961] - 370 p. 21 cm.

Part One: Sound -- Repetition of sounds: rhyme, alliteration, assonance -- Accentuation of sounds: rhythm, meter -- Immediacy of sounds: tone, onomatopoeia, kinesthesia, empathy, the poet's voice -- Part Two: Sight -- The picture -- The extended picture: simile, metaphor, other figures of speech -- The substituted picture: symbol, myth, montage -- Part Three: Sense -- The core and radius of meaning: denotation, connotation -- The areas of meaning: wit, irony, paradox, ambiguity, levels of meaning -- Part Four: Variations on a theme -- Part Five; Longer poems for additional study -- Part Six: Dictionary of terms.


English poetry.
American poetry.

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