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_b.C584 2006
082 0 0 _a175
100 _aLand, Mitchell,
245 0 0 _aContemporary media ethics :
_ba practical guide for students, scholars, and professionals /175
_cedited by Mitchell Land, Bill W. Hornaday.
250 _a1st ed
260 _aSpokane, Wash. :
_bMarquette Books,
300 _axv, 432 p. :
_bill. ;
_c25 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 _aTable of Contents 1. Introduction, 1 Mitch Land Section I¿Foundations 2. Utilitarian vs. Communitarian Ethics John C. Merrill 3. The Case for Communitarian Ethics Clifford Christians 4. Elements of Media Ethics Instruction Edmund Lambeth Section II¿Print and Electronic News 5. The Problem With "All-American Girls": Coverage of Slayings Brings out Best, then Worst, of Victims Jacqueline J. Lambiase 6. Reporting on Environmental Activism: Ethical Considerations in Radio Interviews with Julia Butterfly Hill Michael S. Bruner 7. Siege at Hanging Rock Homestead: Killers, Child Hostages and Broadcast Ratings David Conley 8. Racial Justice vs. The First Amendment: How Far Is too Far to Protect Press Freedom? Bill W. Hornaday 9. The Perils of Local TV Investigative Reporting: How One Attempted Corruption Sting Backfired Alan B. Albarran 10. Ethical and Cultural Issues of Reporting on HIV/AIDS: A South African Case Study Herman Wasserman and Arnold S. de Beer 11. "Outing" Revisited: The Ethics of Interviewing Grieving Relatives Unaware of Their Loved One's Homosexuality Elizabeth M. Koehler Section III¿Terrorism and International Reporting 12. Snuff Film or Serious Journalism? The Case of Daniel Pearl Michael Nitz 13. Patriotism and Reporting on Terrorism: Cheerleading vs. Objectivity Michael Nitz 14. Death or Discretion: CNN and "The News It Kept to Itself" Dan Malone 15. A Tale of Four Ethics: Truth Telling in an Authoritarian State Nicholas Daniloff 16. The Reporting of True Confessions: T he Dallas M orning N ews and Timothy McVeigh's Confession Mitch Land 17. The McVeigh Decision at T he Dallas M orning N ews Ralph Langer Section IV¿Graphics and the Internet 18. Texas Bonfire Traditions: The Cartoon that Came Under Fire Thomas Knieper and Marion G. Müller 19. Truth on Campus: The Anonymous David Slays the Political Goliath, But at What Cost? James Whitfield Section V¿Advertising and Public Relations 20. Does D Stand for Decadence? Magazine Publisher Considers Limits of Provocative Fashion Ads Tom Reichert 21. Selling Lollipops to the Teen Market: Chupa Chups' "Oral Pleasure" Campaign Tom Reichert 22. PETA's "Got Beer? Campaign: Brewing Up an Ethical Controversy Benson P. Fraser and William J. Brown 23. Product Problem: Acting Responsibly, It's Not Your Fault Doug Newsom 24. A Scuffle, a Stonewall, and a Season: Football Superstar Fights off the Field, But his Team Isn't Talking Jacqueline J. Lambiase 25. Smoke vs. Fire: The Ethics of Client Representation in Public Relations Barbara J. DeSanto 26. Publications Research: Figures, Facts, Fiction and Reality Barbara J. DeSanto and R. John DeSanto 27. Crossing the Lines: The Unintended Consequences of "Crusading" Journalism Dan Malone About the Authors Index
650 0 _aMass media
_xMoral and ethical aspects.
700 1 _aHornaday, Bill W.,
906 _a7
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