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MSAR University's Digital Repository is a documentation and digitization of all university outcomes that are of effective value in the scientific and academic community and reflects the university's image, work, and effective contribution to society Through MSAR Digital Repository, the university managed to collect, store, archive and publish digital content - including documents, audio files, images and data sets - all in a safe place. MSAR is one of the strongest University Digital Repositories in Egypt and documented in the DSPACE community with its latest versions.

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  • Suddhasuchi, Das; Sharangi, A. B.; Egbuna, Chukwuebuka; Jeevanandam, Jaison; Ezzat, Shahira M.; Adetunji, Charles Oluwaseun; Tijjani, Habibu; Olisah, Michael Chinedu; Patrick-Iwuanyanwu, Kingsley C.; Adetunji, Juliana Bunmi; Ifemeje, Jonathan C.; Akram, Muhammad; Moboladji, Bankole Marc; Onyeike, Precious Chidinma (Springer, 2020-08-25)
    This chapter presents recent studies on the health benefits of isoflavones from the flowering plants of the Leguminosae family- Fabaceae, which are commonly known as the legume, pea, or bean family. Notable agricultural ...
  • Hany Bakr, Mariam (MSA University, 2020)
    الفيلم يتعرض لتجربة المرأة في قيادة السيارات والعمل مع شركات التاكسي الخاص بأبليكيشن
  • Mohamed, Randa (MSA University, 2020)
    الفيلم يتعرض لنموذج من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة من ضعاف السمع والكلام وتحديه للواقع وتغلبه علي الصعاب
  • ElZayat, Pereen (MSA University, 2020)
    الفيلم يتعرض لأسلوب من أساليب العلاج العضوي و النفسي بمواد طبيعية
  • Mostafa, Omar (MSA University, 2020)
    الفيلم يلقي الضوء علي سباق السيارات والمسابقات

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